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Ragged Cot Inn

A ghostly woman holding a baby has been seen occasionally (usually on the stairs) and "eerie noises" including wailing (especially on stormy nights) heard. It is thought that these phenomena are the results of the antics of the then landlord, William Clavers who lived here with his wife and child in 1760. Clavers had financial problems and elected to adopt the life of a highwayman. Before one escapade, his wife, carrying their child, begged him not to go, but in his haste (and probably fuelled by alcohol), he pushed past her down the stairs and rushed out to embark on his crime spree. During the night, he was pursued by the authorities and took to seeking refuge in his inn, whereupon he found his wife at the bottom of the stairs with a broken neck and their dead baby beside her; they had died when he rushed past them and they fell to their deaths. After he gave himself up, his armed pursuers found the tragic corpses - and the ghost of Claver's wife hovering in the parlour. Clavers had tried to conceal the bodies when he arrived home but their spectres had appeared to him too and they left him a gibbering wreck. In modern times, the chef, who stays in a room overnight, sometimes hears the sound of someone kicking the door in - and a noise similar to someone falling down the stairs. The proprietor also had the unnerving experience of putting out the fire for the night - within ten seconds of him turning away, the logs had been put back on, and the fire had been reignited. A previous landlord also heard rattling doors and saw a spectral figure "looming" over his bed, and a chair had been pulled out from a table that had been left unattended for a very short period.

Update 1/3/22: The hotel responded to my Facebook query for any recent phenomena: "We took over 1 Aug 2020. Despite historical articles as you mentioned we’ve not really experienced much. Yes we’ve had the odd door open and unexplained noises but who knows? The building is old so it’s anyone’s guess if indeed we are haunted"

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