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The Bull

A multitude of phenomena have been claimed for this pub! Despite an attempted exorcism, the ghost here is still said to hurl glasses off the shelves and bottles from optics, interfering with the beer pumps, throwing a blackboard rubber across the floor, and the landlord finding himself locked in and out of the cellar despite there being no key. A figure has been seen standing by the bed in the landlord's living area, and their pet dogs at one point were frantic to escape the room. The strange events seem to mainly focus on newly arrived female staff, and after a while, activity subsides again.

Update 12/2/22: When asked if anything had been experienced recently, the pub responded on Facebook with a thumbs-up sticker! A few days later I found out further details from the pub; "Yes it’s well documented. Hear the old story’s from our older locals. Abigail was haunting the previous tenants over the years, possibly the reason for the hasty departure even leaving some belongings. The new owners are aware of the history. The person who lives in the room where she was found hanged [the old landlord's bedroom] has always heard strange noises and he believes fleeting images of a person in various parts of pub and always at night." It seems that Abigail (or Annie) worked in the pub before the Second World War and when she became pregnant by the landlord, she hanged herself in an upstairs room; however there would seem to be no record of her death.

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