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Frogmore Paper Mill

An old man, described as looking weathered like a mechanic but seeming like a "flesh and blood character" has been seen in the pulper's room. He said to the witness that he knew who he was! Another figure seen is "Les", who became intertwined in the machinery in 1957 which killed him. The description of his phantom includes the fact that he had a limp, but the spectre was said to be "like a silhouette of deep grey in a light grey fog." However, the area where he died is now a warehouse and it is not known if he has manifested recently.

Update 8/8/21: Sue Woolnough, the Education and Design Manager for the mill informs me, " There have been no reports at Frogmore. The story circulating was made up, not by us, but by a Halloween event company using our site, to increase custom."

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