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Kidwelly Castle

Two women haunt this castle; the first, Princess Gwenllian, tried to fight off Norman invaders in the absence of her husband but she was captured and beheaded. Her ghost is said to haunt the castle, searching for her head (she may also be the "grey hooded figure" seen stalking the castle grounds and battle field). Later, a lady called Nest, the daughter of the Lord of Kidwelly, lived here and was in love with a Norman baron. Unfortunately, the Lord's niece also sought the attentions of the Norman; Nest's brother was also in love with the niece, and when his father left for the Crusades, he plotted to murder the Norman baron. When Nest and the baron met on a bridge an assassin fired an arrow at him. The baron fell into the water and Nest jumped in after him, and both drowned. Her ghost, dressed all in white, is said to yell out "wild and unearthly shrieks."

Update 5/7/21: Lead custodian Sonja Brown replied to my email inquiring about recent phenomena at the castle: "The only one that is mentioned by visitors is a young boy, we never mention him to visitors and if they come back to us asking if there are any ghosts we just ask why and let them offer the information. The description is the same from his dishevelled appearance to his mischievous behaviour but aging him varies, it’s between 8 - 10 years old. Some adults have seen him clearly, a high volume have partially seen him and children have seen and played with him which had the parents thinking their children had invisible friends. One young lad was running around as if playing "tip and on it" then stopping, holding out his bag of crisps and asking "do you want one?". There was nobody there so mum asked who he was playing with and what did he look like, their son replied, "that boy and he’s got dirty clothes on". One dad came back to visit recently with his son who was a toddler when he saw the boy. Now 11 years old he just wanted to see if his son spotted him again. When they first came he kept pointing up at the wall walk shouting "I want to play with the boy up there!" that area was closed as the bridge was unsafe but didn’t see anything this time. I hope this helps you a bit, there are lots of examples with this..." In further correspondence, Sonja tells me, "I’m trying to find out how he fitted in, maybe he was a lad from the walled town and mum worked here although, there is a small hand print in the wall as you descend to the dungeon. I thought this might have been the connection but he seems overly happy and mischievous to have met a gruesome end."

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