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The Farmer's Boy

There are current reports of a White Lady under the arch in the front room; in the past, beer pumps were found turned off and the cellar re-arranged in the morning. Items would be moved in the kitchen and a young boy would sit on the dessert freezer so that it couldn't be opened - but he would obligingly get off when asked. In one of the bedrooms, knockings, the door being tried, and a figure walking through a wall have been reported (one report said that the phantom took this method of exit when it was unable to open the door). A guest heard her dog crying at the bottom of the stairs but when she tried to let it out, the door leading outside was locked. Shortly after, a friend came up and said that the door was not locked. The same guest was once sitting in her car outside the pub when the lights came on and saw a man serve himself a drink. The man came to the window and started talking to her and she said that he wasn't one of the bar staff - furthermore, this was at a time when everyone was in bed. There have been other reports too, but they do not seem to be relatively recent. The pub's website says that, "other than some strange sightings and noises now and then, which might be expected from a building over 200 years old, no other activity has taken place under our ownership."

Update 19/2/22: I emailed the pub and asked them about any recent phenomena and Mitch replied: "Indeed there are still strange occurrences here ( admittedly didn’t believe when I first got here five years ago ) we’ve all seen a guy walking about out of the corner of our eye in the old part of the building and there is a room upstairs where a sudden cold feeling covers you even in summer. I’ve found myself telling it to go away and it does!". I asked if there was a description of the ghost and was told, "All I can say is elderly with mid length hair I’m afraid. Only ever seen by anyone out of peripheral and gone very quickly. "

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