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The Eight Bells

A "hunched dark shadow" has been seen in one of the upstairs corridor, and a small girl has been seen in the fireplace of one of the bedrooms. Interviewed in 2017, the publican said of this girl, "... one fellow once saw her in old fashioned clothes coming down the small stairs that lead up to the toilets. Sometimes we'd run upstairs after hearing them walking around up there, thinking we had a burglar, but there would be nobody there." Additionally, a girl's voice has been heard singing. In the bar, fuses would blow, alarms would sound and glasses would move for no reason. Many staff feel a presence "bearing down" on them in bed, while the landlord felt unable to move or the duvet tightening around him - he also woke on one occasion to see a woman's face hovering above his bed. Many of these bedroom incidents occur at 4.40am.

Link: Welwyn Hatfield Times

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