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Barn Theatre

A young boy haunts the theatre and is said to "play havoc with the electrics." He is thought to have been killed by farm equipment. Women sense an unnatural cold in the kitchen at the rear, and a pet dog reacted aggressively to something in the back office. There are also stories of children's voices and footsteps, bits of wood moving by themselves, lights coming up and then dimming, and a luminous glow on the stage.

Update 28/1/22: The Theatre responded to my Facebook query for any recent phenomena: "there have been no reported incidents recently, although there is some 'history' about the Barn having some ghostly activity in the past. Its a very old building, made basically of wood that creaks and groans all the time and is (at night) a tad dauntiing." A few days later, Robert Thomson provided more information: "
From Keith Thompson (former Barn Chair)
During my tenure as Chairman we were approached by the local Psychic Society and we agreed they could send a 'medium'. She wandered around the building accompanied by me. I was asked not to tell of any ghostly events so she would not be influenced. The whole process lasted about an hour. She said she felt in the auditorium that there was an unhappy resentful presence in the downstage left corner, but nowhere else. She asked why this might be, and I suggested that since the building had in times past been used for Nonconformist prayer meetings there might be a resentment that the building was now a place of entertainment. She felt this a likely result. Also about thirty years ago, Shirley was alone in the old office, about where the backstage kitchen is now, late at night, after 11pm, operating the Roneo to print Barn News. She had our Labrador with her. Suddenly the dog sat up, growled, and the hair on his back rose. Shirley immediately packed up and came home. Something similar happened to another Barn member. Although the famous moment when David arrived at the Barn and let himself in, walked through the building which had no lights on and could hear a piano playing in Rehearsal Room 1 turned out to be Harold Jennings our blind piano tuner working in the dark. So not a ghost! But I think they have other stories.
From Anon -
My mother was a member of the Barn over thirty years ago and was told that the theatre was haunted by the ghost of a former Barn member who auditioned for numerous shows but was never cast. She became known as ‘Marjorie the mad’ This would have been in the late 1940’s. She became quite embittered and would apparently often attend Barn events, drunk and berate anyone there about how unfair it was that her ‘great talent’ was unrecognised. The woman was apparently very badly injured the 1957 rail crash at Welwyn Garden City Station and died shortly afterwards."

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