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Ashridge Manor House

Former churchwarden William Jarman is said to be seen near the pond, where he hung himself after his affections for a lady were not reciprocated; it is also said that he rides a carriage, and its tracks can be seen leading from the old stables to the front door after snow has fallen. In the house, candles and electrical lighting have been affected by an unknown presence, and footsteps and voices have been heard too. These phenomena are sometimes blamed on Jarman and when a photographer became incensed at the interference to her lighting, she remonstrated with Jarman to stop - and there were no further problems! There is also a local legend that a local man rides "furiously" past the house at midnight; his horse is described as being headless and possibly a shade of blue.

Update 17/8/21: Bobbie Redman, Ashridge House Administrator informs me, "I am not aware of any strange goings on recently, although there have definitely been sightings in the past!" When asked what had been experienced in the past I was told, "I’m afraid I don't know the details as the sightings were by people that no longer work here."

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