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Plume of Feathers pub

Poltergeist-like behaviour has been experienced (for instance in the kitchen, where the oven is fiddled with), as well as the apparation of a little girl at the top of the cellar stairs; one staff member was temporarily trapped in the cellar, and beer taps have been interfered with. Other phantoms include an old man at table 8 (where a lit candle was once found) in the dining area, a man leaning and facing the wrong way at the bar (which indeed, used to face the other way), and an old cackling lady with grey hair and a see-through dress. She may be the phantom woman who has been mentioned as appearing at table 8 but it is not clear if she appears at the same time as the afore mentioned male phantom. It is thought that she might be a 17th century woman whose body was found behind a bricked-up fireplace, near to the table. Additionally, the doors in the ladies toilets are known to open and close by themselves.

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