White Swan Inn

In mid February 2022, the licensees of this inn feared that a clairvoyant evening two weeks earlier had stirred up activity in the pub; appearing in the national press was the story of a pint of beer being tipped off a table despite no-one being near it. A review of CCTV footage showed that the pint goes "fuzzy", leading some to interpret this as a spirit hand pushing off the drink - meanwhile, a candle on the table is "fluttering uncontrollably." A regular, 84 year old Chris Harris, had recently died and some had felt that the phenomena was due to him. The manageress said that she felt like things were walking past her, but there was no-one there; and on one occasion, she moved out of the way of a dog, but there was no such animal in the pub that day. She also found that one of the top windows had been opened after the had made sure that everything was locked up after everyone had left. In addition, staff have felt the sensation of someone watching them, and the cleaner saw somebody near the toilet door - but seconds later, it had vanished.

Link Daily Mirror

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