Newton House

Some visitors have felt hands around their necks; this is believed to be a spectral remnant of the death of Lady Eleanor/Elinor Cavendish who was murdered by her husband in the nursery. She had been forced into a marriage with him, even though she didn't love him. Eventually she ran away to her family at Newton House but he followed and strangled her. Overwrought with guilt he killed himself to be with her. One of the people who felt the sensation of strangulation was a TV cameraman, who in the 1980s was part of a team who tried to capture evidence of the supernatural during an overnight stay. He said that he felt the pressure around his neck in the nursery. It is also said that if you stand beside the portrait of Walter, the 7th Baron Dynevor, you can smell tobacco; he is said to have smoked a pipe on Sunday. There are also stories from staff hearing muffled voices in an otherwise empty house, the feeling of 'cold spots' and lights turning on and off by themselves.

Update 3/12/21: Ronnie Kerswell-O'Hara, a National Trust employee who came to the property in 2018 informs me, "Dinefwr is a very special and "unique" location and I would say there is always something unexplained happening, whether it is strange noises, doors rattling, smells that don't belong in the building (for instance the smell of sage on the back stairs, the smell of antique cigars and exotic tobacco), the sound of children crying... There have been unexplained figures sighted all over Newton house, from the figure of who we guess might be Walter Rhys, one of the barons of Dynevor, to children on the stairs and landings and I have actually seen for myself the figure of a man looking over the top landing at me when I was conducting a tour. We recently had three evenings in a row over Hallowe'en, of ghost tours and strange things occurred - not just on the tour, but as we, the staff, were locking up the building after. On the first night, a cane, which lives on a hook in the Butler's pantry, started swinging of its own accord (we have video footage of that one) and on the last night, there was a collection of strange happenings - a door refused to open, a bunch of keys turned over on a chair and a torch that was next to the keys switched on. Disembodied voices were also heard during the ghost tour itself, everyone in attendance witnessed some strange phenomenon, including the presence of a lady sitting on a chair with three different volunteers, strange orbs and flashing on a shuttered window, and more ... All in all, I would say without a doubt that there is something at Newton House, but the presence is not a horrible one, whoever (or whatever) is there, it likes to make you feel welcome."

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