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Brook Red Lion Hotel

Alice Miller, murdered here in 1633 (or 1638!) soon after she found out that she was pregnant by an influential figure, walks between rooms 5 and 6 through a connecting door which was later bricked up; she is also said to appear as a blur and come up to people and touch them or even talk to them. A guest woke in early in the morning and saw a rocking chair start to move and a lady materialised; when she asked if the guest was all right; he feebly replied "yes!". She nodded and slowly vanished, leaving the chair still rocking. An assistant manager also mentioned waking up at some point to see the chair rocking and a white shape appear. Some identify this spectrally infested room as No.10. There is also a woman in Edwardian costume and a Cavalier who walked through a closed door and then through a window; groups report strange events in the cellar too. There is also said to be an unspecified ghost - perhaps Alice? - in the kitchen. The sound of panicking children have also been heard, a spectral remnant of a fire in the 1970s where people died in the inferno; a small boy has also been reputed to be seen in the parliament room, too. Its mainly children who see him, too but whether he is connected to this fire is not known. Doors opening and closing, items moving, lights swinging, cold spots and other phenomena have been experienced too, including one interesting occurrence in the bar area which is below where Alice used to live; the cushions were found to be stacked up by a nightwatchman - they had been in situ moments before on his previous round. One further phantom is said to be that of a hooded monk, seen in the area near the reception and in the corridors, usually in the early hours of the morning. According to the story, he died trying to rescue children from a fire at the inn "several hundred years ago."

Update: 12/3/20 The hotel informs me that, "We do have regular reports of paranormal activity which can range from televisions switching themselves on to actual sightings." [I should point out that in the summer of 2016 I visited the hotel and heard the bar manager telling a visitor of the ghosts but out of politeness, I did not eavesdrop further; I do remember him pointing out the area where Alice's room used to be.]

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