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Offley Place

A spectral lady, dressed in a blue wedding dress has been seen here. When this building was a private home, the daughter of the owner got married but wanted to say goodbye to a childhood friend after the ceremony. After a while, the groom became suspicious but on investigation only his new wife was in their room. She rushed off and in his haste to follow her, he fell and broke his neck. His body was laid out in room 4; his widow pined away and died soon afterward, her parents bricking up the window to her room and locking the door. It is through this door that her phantom has been seen, usually at 2am, and it is said that it looks like she is looking for something. The legend continues that the male friend the new bride was seeing shinned out of the window and down the vine to make good his escape.

Update 25/1/22: Nazlee Sabahipour, the Wedding and Events manager informed me, "...I can confirm that by speaking to our nightporter we unfortunately don't have anything to report. There has been no unexplained activity onsite."

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