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Cave Gate

Near this location was an old chalk pit known as Cave Gate, with a tunnel named 'The Devil's Hole' that led to Anstey Castle; in the 18th century, a blind man named George, buoyed by alcohol, was drinking in the Chequers Pub when he said that he and his dog would explore the tunnel. He would play his fiddle so that observers above ground could follow his progress. After a while and about halfway to the castle, spectators heard a scream and the music stopped with a shriek. George's dog is said to have emerged with no tail and with singed fur. George was never seen again and the tunnel was sealed sometime afterwards. On some windy nights, the sound of the fiddle is said to have been heard. It is also further claimed that crops do not grow on the ground above the tunnel and that snow always melts first in this area (some versions of this story say that the melted snow forms a path from Cave Gate to the castle).

The story of the musician who disappears while exploring a tunnel, with his instrument heard decades later is a familiar tale across the country!

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