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The Avenue Theatre

The upper floor of Gippeswyk Hall has the ghost of a white lady, seen when the moon is full. A mist was also seen emerging from an unlit chimney too.

Update 4/2/22: Finance Director Luke Lancaster replied to my emailed query about any recent phenomena: "So, there was one very strange occurrence that happened a few years back (maybe summer 2019), but it wasn’t with an employee ... We were in the middle of our Theatre in the Forest production, and it was about 10am and I was the only person in the building at the time (due to everyone working on the show late at night) when somebody knocked on our door. I proceeded to answer as I just presumed it was a customer wanting to pick up some tickets. When I answered it was a fairly sizable gentleman with a bike in tow wearing a hi-vis jacket, we got talking and I found out he was a security officer for The Butter market shopping centre, and he had just finished a nightshift. After talking for about 5 minutes, he just casually asks if anybody worked in the building at night (security or if we was filming something). I told him that it was a possibility as, when we finish our production we head back to the hall to drop everything off. He asked what time this usually occurs, and I told him about 11pm time and then everybody leaves by about 11:30 at the latest. I was a bit intrigued as to why he was asking so many questions about if anybody worked in our building at night, so I asked why ... He said, I was finishing a nightshift the other night and I usually cycle past your building at about 2am, but the other night when cycling past I noticed an lady at the left hand top window. He said he stopped to have a double check and then she waved at him. Now at this point I was aware that the building is known for the Woman in White or The White Woman but all reports state that she patrols the top floor of the building on a full moon. I did not disclose this information to this man at this time. I asked the security guard what the lady was wearing, and he said, it was a white nightgown of some sorts. I then proceed to tell the security guard about the woman in white and how she patrols the halls top floor on a full moon I can visibly see at this point the gentleman loses all his colour to his face (like he had in fact seen a ghost). We continue chatting for about a further 5 minutes regarding if I had ever seen her or if I believed in ghosts etc etc and then he hopped back on his bike to head home. I have though about whether the man had been drunk and just seeing things but by the way he reacted when I told him about the white lady, he genuinely had no idea about her, the way he presented himself, his security badge all seemed to be legitimate, and I had no reason to think he was lying."

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