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Barton Court

Sir Henry Tempest tried to trick Sarah Lambert into marrying him by disguising himself as a gypsy and telling her to visit a church at a certain time when she would meet her future husband - who would be Henry. Sarah was easily fooled and was convinced to elope but Henry gave the coachman the wrong rendezvous location and eventually found the girl, who had been soaked through in the rain. Henry and Sarah were eventually married, whereupon he ejected her father (who had been none too impressed by her suitor) to live in Barton Court. Eventually Sarah was thrown out too but her father refused to take her in. She was taken in by another relative but died in a depressed state. Her ghost has been seen at Barton Court, and also at a bridge at Barton Holloway where she had waited for the errant coach to turn up.

Update 18/7/21: Director of the Court, Linda Camp replied to my query about any recent ghost reports, "None since we have been here [5 years] but the locals do maintain that woman in white walks across the bridge through the fields."

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