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The Fleece Inn

It is said that the spirit of Lola Taplin, the last member of that family to own the pub from 1848 until her death in 1977, haunts the building. For much of her tenure, she insisted that her inn was for imbibing alcohol only and food was banned, which may explain one story of a customer whose lunchbox was picked up by unseen forces and thrown to the floor, and builders who returned from a ramble around the village to find their lunchboxes and sandwiches strewn around the (then) deserted building! Other objects have also been known to be flung about and footsteps have been heard here too. At night, there is sometimes the sound of furniture being moved (this occurs when something has been moved from its original location), and upon investigation, the lights downstairs have been turned on - the owner's dog also growls at something too and its hackles raise. Other phenomena include the clock stopping at 3am (said to be the time that Lola died), the alarm going off, and the buds on white flowers dropping prematurely ... but coloured flowers would be unaffected.

Update: 17/6/21 Landlord Nigel Smith informs me that they regularly get minor poltergeist activity.

Source: Birmingham Mail

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