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The Swan Hotel

It is said that a previous worker in the hotel was passed over for promotion, hung herself and regularly haunts one of the upper rooms. She is said to be seen in room 15. Another version of the story says that the woman was expected a baby but had been jilted at the altar by the father of her child.

Update 2/3/22: The hotel responded to my Facebook query about any recent phenomena: "as the building is nearly 600 years old, we do sometimes get guests reporting unusual things, however members of staff at the hotel have never reported anything!" I asked if guests had experienced anything and was told, "Most occurrences/comments would be for apparitions or creaking noise down a corridor in the night - I apologise we cannot be more specific but we do have so many guests staying and each experience can be different, if any such things would happen at all ... The one [story of an apparition] that I personally have heard would be of a tall Gentleman in the room, but this would have been a few years back."

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