The Garrick Inn

There are stories that there are many ghosts within the pub, but details are lacking. A newspaper article states, "There are even local rumours of a tomb being found within the basement of the building, which caused the disturbance of a lingering spirit."

Update 6/2/22: Chris Burton replied to my email asking about any recent ghostly occurrences: "We have been custodians of this building for 17 years, during which ourselves, family, staff and customers alike have reported various "unexplainable" happenings." In later emails, Chris provided more details: "I personally have seen light bulbs shoot across the room, doors suddenly opening when no one is in the building and more alarmingly opening and violently slamming shut as you walk away from or towards them. More recently whilst the pub was closed due to the pandemic our fire alarms went off at exactly 03.00 for three nights in succession. After having the whole system thoroughly checked no fault could be found at all. We also stacked the furniture in one area of the Pub to facilitate a deep clean of the wooden floors in the bar areas, this had all moved when we went back in the Pub the next day. Strange things, but never feels negative or nasty if that makes sense."

Link: Coventry Live

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