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Charlecote Park

A spectral woman walks down to the lake in the grounds; she is said to be a servant who killed herself by drowning and her ghost re-enacts her suicide without making a splash in the water. The rarely seen phantom of Sir Thomas Lucy is also reported; in 1262 he was murdered by two of his servants, dragging his body from the house to the lake and tossing it in. His ghost is said to walk the same route. Raised voices and the sound of "violent actions" have been heard in the Green Room, used by musicians in the past.

Update 6/1/22: Staff responded to my Facebook query for recent occurrences: "Unfortunately we don't have any ghost stories or paranormal events to speak of at Charlecote Park. The house has over 900 years of history and we work closely with the family who still reside in part of the house to bring this to life, but there are no odd or inexplicable phenomena to report I'm afraid."

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