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The Old Cherry Tree

The sound of children running around upstairs has been heard, and the spectre of a young lady has been seen in the pub; she may be responsible for the sound of a woman singing. Another "young lady" (perhaps the same) was been seen at least twice in the pub, where she is described as wearing a white shirt with a black skirt. Additionally, footsteps heard coming down the gravel drive in the early hours of the morning were regularly heard. However, after the landlord and a friend held a vigil to see what was causing these sounds, the footsteps were never heard again! The latest reports are that the phantoms have "quietened down"...

Update 11/3/22: Proprietor Andy Pye replied to my email asking about recent phenomena: "There have been many stories over the years from previous landlords to the present day. There is a wealth of history to the building even linking us to the gunpowder plot. I myself have seen a few strange things from eerie figures to strange coughing noises at 5am whilst I wait for my delivery, things tend to move around the building quite a lot as though someone isn’t quite happy with the decor." In later correspondence, I asked abou the figures; "Nothing too spectacular I’m afraid. We have a small set of steps leading to our restaurant area which has been over the years many things from a skittles room to a Mason meeting room. Both myself and my business partner have seen a shadowy figure on these stairs when the pub is empty but always is moving quickly to describe in full. A previous landlord has described a figure in a red cap who sits in a certain place being seen on numerous occasions although I have not witnessed this. Perhaps the most disturbing using modern technology is the most recent. We live above the pub in the thatched roof and my son was using his IPhone to post something on line as youngsters do, the phone uses face recognition technology, as he started the recording the phone recognises a face several feet behind him although the corridor is empty, needless to say he just ran."

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