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The Mug House

Doors open and close of their own accord here - the best example being the smoking room door, which was heard to noisily open and close many times without setting off the burglar alarm and the next morning the door was still found to be bolted. Objects, including a keg of cider in the cellar, are moved around, sometimes with witnesses. Another example is biscuits left out on a plate for the landlord's hungry children during the night disappeared, without leaving any crumbs. In addition, a clock and glasses have been thrown off the walls, glasses rattled on the shelves, alarms set off in the night, beer kegs turned off, strange noises (including footsteps and knockings at the windows) heard, hair tugged and dogs howling to an invisible presence (only in the kitchen, though, according to one report) are also to be experienced. To some, these occurrences are blamed on "Bert", a pub regular until he died in the 1940s; apparently he was not well liked.

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