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RAF Thurleigh

When this was a functioning RAF base, security patrols used to see airmen from the Second World War playing cards in lit huts; when the patrols approached the door, the lights were off and the huts were found to be empty. A policeman also saw a man in a bicycle who turned off the taxiway towards a hanger - but again, there was no-one there a few moments later. The officer's mess, in Keysoe Road, also has a few reports too; footsteps (attributed to an American airman), a door opening and closing and a light bulb that fell from a socket without breaking.
In recent years, Robert Allen, a volunteer and curator of the Aviation Museum, told the BBC: "Odd things started straight away. There was always an atmosphere, you always felt like you were being watched and we’d be working away and you’d see somebody appear at the door like a black shadow and you’d turn around and it would vanish. In the old flight office buildings, two of our members were walking down the corridor on a winter’s evening to collect something and they didn’t bother to turn the lights. on As they were walking, a ball of blue light, about the size of a football, came shooting down the corridor and went into an open doorway. They said we wouldn’t believe what they’d just seen, but then we started hearing footsteps down the corridor even though the doors were locked, you’d wait to see someone and nobody would appear."

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