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The Bell Inn

The old Woodman pub used to stand on this site, and doors would be found open in the morning despite being locked at night. Also, when people were downstairs, footsteps would be heard in the room upstairs - and vice versa. The footsteps would eventually reach the stairs but when they were checked, no one was there. A strange shadow was sometimes seen too. When the Woodman was demolished, the lawn and car park of the new Bell were situated on the old site. Since then, a young lady, described as being in her 30s, and having blond hair and wearing clothing seemingly from the 1970s was observed in the lounge. She asked for a drink and engaged the barman in conversation, when she said her name was Marion or Marianne but was otherwise vague. When the landlord came in he asked who his friend was speaking to; the lady had vanished. The daughter of a landlord also saw the female figure in the same area, too. In addition to this, lights and taps would be found turned on in the morning, and knives, forks, glasses and money would be found moved; this has sometimes been blamed on "Polly", who was a licensee from 1918-1920. The phantom has been described as a grey lady wearing a cream or grey floor length dress and a large white hat. Most recently, someone was in the cellar when something grabbed his backside; other than this, all seems quiet at the moment.

Update 3/3/22: Russell Brewster replied to my Facebook query for any recent phenomena: "I'm afraid we haven't experienced anything as far as I am aware"

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