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Jubilee Inn

Before the pub was altered (in the 1980s?), a little old man was seen seated at a table in the corner; he was described as having grey hair and only a few teeth. Whispering noises and the shadows of four or five girls were seen through glass windows in a door leading to a passageway but nothing was found upon investigation. The shadows of the girls seemed to indicate that they were wearing bonnets, originating from the Victorian era, thought one witness. These days, reports consist of the bell behind the bar being rung supposedly by itself. The cleaner has heard a young girl laughing and the sound of a ball bouncing. On one occasion, there was a very brief glimpse of a young girl playing.

Update 18/12/21: Chris at the pub responded to my Facebook query for recent phenomena: "Yes we think there is something here. We hear lots of things but never seen anything. If that makes sense. Recently we hear a little girls voice seemingly talking to us. We have had a few time we can smell old pipe tobacco. Lights coming on and off on there own. Items moving off kitchen sides and smashing. Doors banging on there own Had a picture that has been up for a year come off a clip and start swinging but doesn’t fall (think we have a video) We wake up some mornings and there is salt over tables and chairs (got pics) We used to have an open fire and chairs were moved into a semi circle in front of it. Like someone was keeping warm. Wake up to leaflets that were on the bar all over the floor. Many unexplained things. But nothing has ever really bothered us ... our Childrens toys used to go off in the middle of the night all by themselves. If we said "that’s ok. The children are sleeping and they are fine" they stopped. "

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