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The Courthouse

In the 16th century, Lady Lightfoot was detained here for her views on Henry VIII and his marriages, and a rescue attempt was organised when her captors were distracted by the Christmas festivities. However, the rescuers employed the service of a drunken man to command their coach and horses and he lost control of his vehicle and they all drowned in the moat. Lady Lightfoot was already dead, murdered by her captors but she is still reputedly seen to drive up to the house in the coach. The coach circles the house, passes through it and then the air is rent with screaming, some saying that the coach ends up in the moat again. An alternate version of Lady Lightfoot's demise is that she was incarcerated in the house and murdered by her husband.

Update 12/3/22: I emailed the hotel asking about any recent phenomena and Keith replied, "Nothing to report here!"

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