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The Brook Inn

A local legend tells of a Cavalier on horseback, who can be seen on moonlit nights riding from the Brook Inn to Callow Hill, only to disappear in a cloud of mist upon reaching the crossroads. Figures have been seen out of the corner of the eye and in the mirror, but the sightings are too fleeting to obtain a description; some figures that were noted include a taxi driver who came in, but when the landlord looked again, he had gone and the only way out was to go through the wall! The other figures were a seated man in a tweed coat and a starched collar, an an unhappy lady dressed in grey and white and seen by the fireplace. Items have gone missing, been thrown on to the floor or been smashed, lights, fridges and beer pumps have been interfered with and on one occasion, the bell behind the bar was struck; the rope was still swinging when the witnesses reached it. Other phenomena include; the sensation on a bed as if someone had just sat down on it; a figure in the cellars (this is in the old part of the building, where the pet dog used to stare at something); and a man being tapped sharply on the bottom.

Update 11/2/22: The pub responded to my query for any recent phenomena: "We have been here for 7 years and have never had anything happen etc... We have been asked a lot in the past about the pub being haunted and I think whoever has originally said to people in the past that The Brook is has been misleading people."

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