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Warwick Castle

The ghost of Sir Fulke Greville, Chancellor of England and poet, has been seen here. He was murdered by Ralph Heywood, who was one of his servants. Heywood had been asked to witness the signing of Greville's will, but was incensed to discover that he had been left nothing (or very little according to some accounts) despite years of service. After plunging a knife into Sir Fulke's chest, the servant fled before cutting his own throat. Greville apparently took weeks to die (apparently poisoned by the treatments used to attempt to heal his wounds) and his ghost, which betrays none of this drama, has been seen in the Watergate Tower; however, some contrary accounts exist that say that his phantom looks "pain wracked" and groans in agony. He is also sometimes said to "emerge" from his portrait! In addition, a phantom black dog with bloodshot eyes and yellow fangs has been seen on the estate, especially the turrets and is sometimes said to assume human form (if reports are accurate, it is that of 15th century dairy maid Molly Bloxham, who was reputed to be a witch and was beaten by the Earl of Warwick for short changing nearby townsfolk dairy products from the castle). Other phenomena include a sobbing woman, a little girl in the undercroft, footsteps in the Japanese Corridor, marching soldiers, the sound of unhappy servants and clanking chains.

Update 10/3/22: Poppy Ridgway, Guest Services at the castle informed me when asked about recent phenomena; "Yes, over the years we’ve had many doors slamming or creaking floorboards without explanations, but unfortunately we do not compile a list of these."

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