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The Fountain Inn

Objects being found moved of their own accord are blamed on Mr.Thombs, a previous landlord who was a practical joker and who died of smoke inhalation when a fire broke out at the pub; he had delayed his own escape to ensure his dogs were safe.

Update 1/2/22: I emailed the hotel and Lisa Barnes replied to my query for any recent phenomena: "We have a resident ghost reported to be Mr Thoms who died in a fire at the premises. He is often throwing things, opening and closing doors and can be heard walking about downstairs after closing time! Sightings are rare but he has been seen (and often felt) by quite a few customers and staff!! " Knowing that ghosts sometimes touch people, I asked about whether this was what people had 'felt' and whether there was any recollection of Thoms's appearance: "Sorry nothing so dramatic, just light touches, names spoken to staff when no one there and no description either sorry."

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