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The Old Rectory Hotel

A number of phantoms exist here: a woman with dark eyes and unnverving stare seen seated in a large chair in the lounge, an invisible dog that brushes past people, a priest, seen staring out of the windows of room 4 and a "chill" at 4am, accompanied by a hand stroking guest's hair; children who were left in an upstairs guest room in 1988 said a man had come into their room, walked around and left - but everyone else was downstairs at a wedding party. Kettles and lights turning on by themselves, doors closing and objects moving have all been experienced here, too.

Update 8/2/22: The Orangery Reservations Team replied to my email; "We have ran the venue for 6 years and although we are highly aware that it supposed to be haunted the owners and staff are yet to see much however quite a few guests (Usually who have a higher sense of the supernatural) have commented about 2 rooms at the front of the building. One of the rooms remains quite cold even when heating is on high. The first 1-2 months of taking over the venue we had numerous smells of incense appear in the front room (Now a bar) but have not had knowledge of this happening more recently."

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