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The Feathers Hotel

Guests have reported icy fingers on their back in room 211, their clothing being thrown out of a wardrobe and the sound of applause followed by the noise of someone hurrying away; the ghost apparently does not like women (one reported having her hair yanked, and some versions of this story say that she was pulled out of bed, again by the hair). However, the ghost here has been known to caress the faces of men. A couple asked to be placed in a haunted room and were allocated room 212; they only stayed a few hours before checking out. They did not divulge what they had experienced, but a later guest claimed that "Henry VIII" was in the room! A phantom man and his dog has been seen walking along the corridor between rooms 232 and 233. This same figure may also be the one seen in the James I room, seated at the window; he and his dog have also been seen in a room in the modern wing of the hotel, where they emerge from a wall, cross the room and disappear into the opposite wall. Footsteps have also been heard in the Great Hall (also known as "The Prince Charles Suite"); in the afore mentioned James I suite, a night porter continually heard his name being called out. It occurred so often that he got used to it! A "Lady in Black" is said to have been a regular visitor; in 1974 she was seen dressed in a contemporary mini skirt and walked through a parked car outside the hotel. It is not known if she still appears.

Update 1/2/22: I emailed the hotel for details on any recent activity and was told, "We have had various guests reporting phenonem and sightings and various reports. Apparently all on you tube. We can not comment on sightings ourselves."

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