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The Golden Cross

There are said to be four ghosts here, including an old man in the upstairs front room. Previous staff describe a ghost of a sea captain who died here. He has been blamed for a till opening and ejecting coins all over the floor, banging on a dividing door and items being thrown in the cellar. It is said that there have been reports of "strange activity" in the kitchen area, where it is said cells for prisoners were once located. There are also stories of shadowy figures appearing in the pub (though some of these may be the phantoms described previously).

Update 21/9/20: Charlotte Porter at the pub informs me, "I haven't [encountered anything] personally. I'd love to see something (maybe, maybe not as I live here). I've had a few people tell me they've seen things though!"

Link: Coventry Live

Link: Coventry Live

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