The Bell Hotel Thetford

The main hub of the hauntings seem to be room 29, which had previously been numbered 10, and before that, 12. A guest on his honeymoon noted a cold spot outside his room and said that he felt as if someone was pushing the door closed as he tried to open it. Footsteps had been heard pacing up and down the corridor - and then soon after, actually in the room. The same guest saw a young girl, apparently solid, in the room on two consecutive nights. On other nights, he saw the wardrobe handle moving making a rapping sound, and soon aftewards noted TV picture was flickering - and then he saw the aerial lead moving in a whipping fashion. His experiences culimated in waking to find the ghost sitting on his bed looking at him. The figure arose, causing the mattress to rise and, keeping a gaze on him, walked off - and vanished. The guest described the ghost as 12-13 years old, with fair hair, wearing along white gown and a garland around her neck, with her outfit having "puffed out sleeves." The figure was described as almost self illuminating. The manager showed him a portrait and he identified top half of the face as "his" girl, although most of the picture was of someone older - landlady Betty Radcliffe, who died in 1829. Perhaps for this reason, the ghost has been nicknamed "Betty" and has been experienced by members of staff; housekeepers jokingly asked "Betty" if she'd been a good girl and let the guests get sleep, at which point, the room went cold and the staff members fled! In rooms 6 and 8 (though the rooms have probably been renumbered since the mid 1990s), a white haze floated past a staff member into the wall. Children have also been heard playing in empty rooms (where crying has also been heard), keys have been rattled in a lock, and a phantom monk has been seen too, amongst other sightings.

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