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The White Horse Inn

A previous landlady, Mrs Towers, has been seen on the stairs - a two and a half year old girl used to wave to someone here who the adults could not see. The girl also saw a man hanging by the neck in the office which frightened her but said she has also seen him in the kitchen which didn't bother her. Other spectres include another lady on the stairs, who is said to be looking for her daughter, detained against her will in the dining room. Between the stairs and the dining room, doors have been said to open by themselves. In the Purple Room, above the butchers, at least one person reported the sensation of being strangled, while the phantom of a lady, seen seated by the window, and a monk.

Update 11/2/22: Jack, a worker at the hotel, replied to my email for any recent phenomena: "Nothing really. We did have ghost hunters in about 5 yeas ago and they seemed to find a lot of activity, unfortunately they never did a written report, it would have been good to have. Cannot say I have noticed anything unusual, but after 21 years perhaps unusual is the norm."

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