The Old Ram Inn

A lady ghost named Rose is said to haunt this hotel, but there are no further details.

Update 16/2/22: Victoria replied to me email sent to the hotel asking for any recent phenomena: "The honest answer is I guess it's whom you talk to. I have been the licensee here for the last 6 years and often work late or as was the case over the lockdowns have stayed alone here. I have seen nor 'felt' anything. To be honest I find it a very warm and homely place. Some of my staff however think it is, though nothing specifically has 'occurred' - wonder if it is more a case of people thinking it should be or wanting it to be haunted. An urban myth persists about a ghost called Rose, who it is suggested was the innkeeper's daughter either ravaged or broken hearted by a lover - but this sounds too close to Alfred Noyes' poem The Highwayman."

Link: Daily Star

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