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Council House

At the corner of the council house, where Chamberlain Square leads into Victoria Square is the Lord Mayor's office; when he is out, a figure has been seen through the frosted glass door but no one is there upon investigation. Fresh flowers have also been smelt too. Both of these are the signatures of Joseph Chamberlain who was mayor three times and then an MP. A priory once stood on the site of the council house and a spectral monk has also been seen, as has a former councillor who hanged himself in the entrance hall; his body has been seen swinging in this location.

Update 9/11/21: The council informed me via Facebook of this response from the Senior Admin Clerk, "There are a few rumours that old Joe (Joseph Chamberlain roams around) or that the only person, as I understand it to have died in the building was John Skirrow Wright, but in 30 years working there, although the building can be spooky when on your own on a dark winters night, I haven’t seen anything. Whilst in the Lord Mayors Suite and I was talking to some visitors and the lights dimmed and brightened again, I did say don’t worry just Joseph Chamberlain, which made the visitors laugh as I had been speaking about him, however, I favour this was poor electrical wiring, hence it is being refurbished as we speak. It really does depend who you speak to and I dare say some of the Councillors have a few tails to tell, but to my knowledge we have no evidence of ghosts, but some may dispute this. It all depends who you speak with, so it is a bit of a strange one to answer really."

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