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The Oak House Museum

In the dining room, the ticking of invisible clocks have been heard, and pipe tobacco smelt. "Flashes of green costume" and children disappearing into walls next to fireplaces are also reported, and one visitor saw a figure walking past the doorway out of the corner of her eye.

Update 18/7/21: Museum Services Manger Jane Hanney-Martin informs me, "Staff haven’t reported anything strange recently, and generally staff find the house has a warm and welcoming atmosphere ... A few people have seen something in the corner of their eye on the landing on the top of the stairs in the past and someone once reported a boy in a Tudor costume, but as the house wasn’t built until 1620 either that isn’t what they saw or that they just aren’t sure of their costume heritage. People have also reported tobacco smells but this is when the house has been shut up and we believe this is just tobacco ingress into the walls as we know smoking was extensive on site as we have found lots of small clay pipes. But all these things have been many years ago. Certainly nothing for years and years."

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