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The Chapel House

A male figure has been seen in the bar and on the stairs before vanishing. One morning the landlord came down to find all the furniture re-arranged, without making a noise during the night.

Update 11/3/22: James, the landlord (?) of the pub replied to my query regarding recent phenomena: "There have been many incidents since we took over. Notably the video from the CCTV which remains unexplained. To be honest with you though, there was a thorough investigation following that particular incident which resulted in an increase in uneasiness from staff and patrons so since then we have left it alone. In honesty we were all somewhat spooked."
The 'CCTV' refers to an incident in late October 2016 when a "wet floor" sign moves by itself, and then folds up, followed seconds later by a mop falling to the ground, which resulted in 'paranormal investigators' coming in. At about the same time, a glass flew off a shelf and travelled "quite a distance" before striking a member of staff.

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