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Deene Hall

Sir Edmund Brudenell is reputed to be the resident spectre; it is not clear if this is the same ghost mentioned by Joan Wake, who said that an ancestor of hers walks the building and vanishes upon reaching a certain bedroom.

Update 7/7/21: Kelly Teat-Holland, the House Administrator informs me, "Unfortunately, to my knowledge, there has been no recent reports of unusual goings on within the main house. We do have a suite of bathrooms called the ‘ghost bathrooms’, and it is said that when the rooms where original a bedroom there was sightings of a unexplained presence. Our housekeepers also reported a happening approximately 11 years ago in the Tudor end of the house. One summers day a housekeeper reported the Tapestry room being extremely cold and reported it to other members of the team so they all went to investigate. The same housekeeper tried but couldn’t open the Tapestry room door and said it felt as if someone on the other side was holding it shut. Eventually she gave up and another housekeeper tried the door and it opened straight away. The now slightly scared housekeeper tried the door again just to check she wasn’t opening it incorrectly and when she touched the door handle her hair stood on end as if she was full of static energy."

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