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The Croft Hotel

This building used to be the town's fire station, and the spectral remnant of the sound of horse's hooves, neighing horses and the clang of a fire bell can still sometimes be heard.

Update 7/2/22: I emailed the hotel asking about any recent phenomena and was informed by Jeanette and Paul Bates; " We have owned the Croft for the last 2 and a half years and whilst we haven't sensed anything ourselves (yet) we have certainly had guests who have. Last September it seemed our spirits were a little unsettled as we had guest reports of strange things in rooms normally not associated with activity. We also have regular clients who request a specific room as she is quite in tune and firmly believes we have at least 3 spirits, in rooms 2 12 and walking across our dining room which used to be a courtyard. I do know that the former owners once saw a 'fireman with a basket' walking down the alleyway we own towards the converted old barn, and it transpired that this was not a visitor to the occupant of the barn. We do know that historically, old fire equipment was stored in the bottom of our garden."

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