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The Black Horse

Doors slamming shut, a policeman in old fashioned garb and a black shadow have been encountered here, which also terrifies dogs.

Update 7/3/22: Judging by the pub's response when asked if anything had been experienced recently ("Few monsters in there but they all work behind the bar"), it can be assumed that the ghosts are not active! In further communications, I was told, "There are a few stories of an old woman and a young girl being seen there... couple of the old landlords and my mother has had sightings but all at night when they’ve had a drink. I’ve owned the place 20 years and never saw a jot! Although we have on camera a mop falling inexplicably when leaning against the bar ... [a staff member] said defo a ghost and you can see it lol I can’t and suspect someone opened a door the other end of the bar"

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