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Queensgate Shopping Centre

Footsteps, shadowy figures, voices and the apparition of a little girl in dirty clothes (usually seen around 2am) have been experienced here. The girl is usually seen crying and squatting on the ground outside the location of British Home Stores on the ground floor. In John Lewis, a grey lady has been seen in the back rooms and canteen. Other shops report a little boy laughing and staff caught a fleeting glimpse of him, and another venue has the phantom of a tall man with a Scottish Terrier dog. There are also stories of staff at other locations finding items moved overnight.

Update 30/1/22: Mark Broadhead, the Centre Director informed me via email, "will [well?] rumours are that we have a ghost, in the 7 years that I have been here no one has made any reference to there being anything out of the ordinary."

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