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Norwich Castle

Several people who were executed by hanging haunt the castle; one of whom is said to be Mary (or Martha) Alden who murdered her husband in 1807 and was sentenced to hang, her body being dissected afterwards. Another is 18 year old William (or Robert) Cooper who was thrown in a padded cell after going into a frenzy when he was put back on the treadmill after an illness. He soon after died of an ulcer and has been seen in the old dungeons and the Castle Mall shopping centre next door which occupies part of the castle site. Another reputed phantom is rebel Robert Kett, whose decomposing remains have been seen in a gibbet. A lady in Victorian dress has been observed looking at the artworks in the castle (she may be the ghost "of a woman dressed all in black" who is sometimes reported), and a human skull that floats near the keep is also reported. Another spectre is a young man with nails through his earlobes. He made a withering comment about Elizabeth I when she visited Norwich and his ears were nailed to a pillory to prevent him moving while bystanders threw rotten fruit and other nasty items at him.

Update: 6/7/21 Rebecca Ramsey, the Visitor Services Assistant at Norfolk Museums Service tells me, "We have had a few visitors claim of paranormal activity in the past, especially during our Dungeon Tours"

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