Stamford Arts Centre

Andrew Cliff, who managed the cellar bar said footsteps would be heard upstairs in the main building at a time when it was most defnitely locked up. These footsteps would sometimes seem to pass unimpeded through a wall that was in their path - this wall had been erected since the building was constructed. In addition, children who were on the stairs leading up the stage once reported seeing a woman in a white dress, who later could not be accounted for. In the area at the summit of the building where the cinema is located, the projectionist sometimes heard footsteps above him in the loft, but, again, there was no one there. He once saw a figure peering down at him from the lighting windows but upon checking the room was empty.

Update 25/2/22: I contacted the Stamford Arts Center to determine it's ghostly status, based on Andrew's recollections, and I received an email from Graham Burley, the Arts & Cultural Services Operations Manager for South Kesteven District Council and he said, "We ran the bar in-house for a few years after Mr Croft left never any sightings, I have worked in the building for 25 years and nothing..." When I clarified whether he meant the bar or the Arts Centre, he said, "No sightings anywhere in my time. Sorry"

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