Petra Hair and Beauty

This hair and beauty salon is said to have "more than its fair share of ghosts." Although details are lacking, they are said "always be playing", sometimes on command.

Update 3/12/21: The salon replied to my Facebook query, "We have abundance of ghostly stories & they are part & parcel of our everyday work day." Further details were later obtained: "Footsteps heard on the stairs but no one is there . Things going missing (different time scales ) then just return , in a place so obvious . We have played games with them . Where objects left strategically placed & ask them to do their best , then leave . On return it’s obvious moves of objects . Chairs just moving round & they sometimes mess with the switches on heating / water etc . A presence is felt in some rooms sometimes by various people , plus one smells of whiskey / tobacco. That’s the Captains room."

Link: Rutland and Stamford Mercury

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