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The Dun Cow

In the 17th century, this building was the base for Prince Rupert, commanding the troops of his uncle, King Charles I, during the Civil War. One evening, a town steward named Sir Richard was killed in a brawl with a Dutch officer who was acting as a military advisor; Rupert sentenced him to death and the Dutchman was so indignant at this that he is still sometimes seen (the last sighting was in 2003 according to the pub's website). This figure, dressed as a Cavalier has been seen in the pub and car park, and once alarmed a patron by walking through a wall. On one occasion, every clock in the building was found to have stopped at 6.45am, which is believed to be the time of his execution. The Cavalier has not been seen for some years. A monk has also been seen here, a shroud covering his face; one witness described his habit as covered in "little coloured dots." If he doesn't like you, he kicks your table and spills your beer! He is also blamed for the sound of footsteps.

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