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Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery

A rarely seen phantom who liked to turn lights on is said to haunt this building but it is unclear if he still does so. This may be the spectral "dandy" who is said to appear here, "flicking his face with a large handkerchief."

Update 18/9/21: Jaclyn, a worker at the museum responded to my Facebook query: "I have asked the Team regarding ghostly apparitions or inexplicable phenomena. According to one colleague 'Lady Vaughan’ is associated with the building and the ghost with the Corbett Bed (which moved from Rowley's House to our current location at the Music Hall). There have been only a couple of reports of ghostly sightings and unexplained uncomfortable feeling near the bed since 2014." I asked if there were any descriptions of the ghost and was told, "I'm afraid not. The sightings were from visitors and the uncomfortable feeling near the bed was by a contractor. There are no descriptions of the sightings."

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