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Castle Rising Castle

Isabella, "the she-wolf of France" haunts the upper rooms; she was pivottal in the deposition of Edward II, her husband, in the 14th century. When he refused to die in his tiny cell, it is reputed that she hired assassins to kill him, which they did by ramming a red hot poker into his bowels. According to legend, the sounds of cackling, screams and laughter and wailing down the passages as she descended into dementia in her later years are played out for latter day witnesses to endure. However, there is no historical evidence that she succumbed to mental torment during the later stages of her life. More recently, a woman and small child in Elizabethan garb have been seen on the staircase, and a ghostly dog with red eyes seen on the battlements. Additionally, cold spots and "child-like weeping" have been experienced.

Update 4/1/22: Staff at the castle responded to my query for recent phenomena: "I cannot think of any reports we have received of any phenomena at Castle Rising Castle recently."

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