The Dog and Partridge

A worker employed at the hotel between 2013 and 2017 said that there was a "Grey Lady" there and that sometimes a dark shadow would walk past her into a room, but upon investigation, it was no longer there. In the rooms, TV would turn up by themselves to show static, and items would be found moved. In the meeting room, it was common to hear the sound of children laughing - and a young boy in Victorian clothing was seen there. In the old coal store, which was converted into a staff flat and where a butcher had died of a heart attack, the plug to the TV would come out of the wall - and once, when the employee had finished her shift, the kettle and stand was sitting in the bathroom with no explanation as to how it got there. In the 18th century, a coach used to run between Liverpool and London calling into the Dog and Partridge and people who live in the area sometimes hear the sound of horses and wheels running over cobbles in the early hours.

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