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Whittington Castle

The ghost of Sir Fulk III Fitzwarin returns to his old home on occasion; in the 13th century, he commandeered the castle by force when his late father's wife decreed that, against her husband's wishes, the estate should go to Fulk II. However, Fulk I's wife had allied herself with the king's enemies and he was therefore happy to grant the estate to Fulk III on the proviso that the castle be enhanced to guard against any Welsh incursions into England. Two pale faced children have also been seen looking out of the windows of the gatehouse by passers-by. They are believed to have been two children who vanished and never seen alive again. Many years later, a seldom used room in the castle was entered and in a chest were found the skeletons of two young boys. It is thought that they became trapped playing hide and seek and suffocated; their cries for help have been heard ever since.

Update 28/7/21: Castle Manager Susan Ellis informed me, "I have 2 unexplained experiences Firstly whilst upstairs in our schoolroom with a volunteer we heard my name Sue being called. We both went to see and no one was there. Secondly whilst on a paranormal investigation –-a trigger ball moved in front of my eyes about 12 inches. We had finished and I said shall I bring things in – and bent down to pick up the ball and it moved. At least 2 others saw. We then replaced and moved again the same way and it did not move! Volunteers and staff have heard noises and had strange feelings. I have started to feel a sensation on top of my head and seem to have started to pick up on a something which I cannot explain."

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